Mayra peralta

I never thought I would study to be an accountant. I still remember the day I decided to chose that major. I thought that something that only required logic and good critical thinking was what I was looking for. I remember that I l like the fact that accountants were able to work in any industry around the globe and that we were an essential part in the course of an enterprise, company, and the economy itself. We accountants do not only keep your accounts safe and in order we also keep them with integrity and honesty :)I love my job and the career I chose to do for life :) it has bring me many opportunities to grow,to learn and to help others too.

I can tell you these things about me: I love to laugh,( it's my favorite activity in the whole world), I love animals I have a baby danschund dog named Lucas and he has been with me for about 13 years. I also like to travel and be in contact with nature and get amazed by the different marvels the world has to offer. And finally I love my family. I am very close to my parents my sisters and I think I am blessed to have them in my life and have the relationship I have with them.

The best advice I have been given: follow your dreams , nothing is impossible. If you are constant and passionate in what you do everything else will fall into place.

The best advice I can give : follow your dreams and whatever you do be humble and happy with whom you are :-) and the most important thing believe with your heart that your dream is possible.You will see how life makes is magic and delivers your wish at the right time.

Favorite quote: .. I read it once a long time ago and it made my heart smile. We are never alone even when we are by ourself matter the religion you may have always remember there is someone greater watching you every instant and taking care of you ;)And here is the quote:I believe that God is in me as the sun is in the color and fragrance of a flower, the light I my darkness, the voice in my silence

  • Education
    • University of Kansas