Maysa Youssef

Asst. Art Director & Producer in Egypt

Maysa Youssef

Asst. Art Director & Producer in Egypt

I am currently a drama assistant producer with various experiences in fields all related to art and designing.

Very ambitious and looking for new challenges in the drama industry in Egypt. Below is a summary of my experience in the different fields of art.

** Drama production

As an Accessories Specialist, Assistant producer and Decor executive in several movies (long – short) and drama series

Movies and drama series includes:

1- فيلم اطفال الشوارع

2- فيلم اسبوع و يومين

3- فيلم زواج القاصرات

4- فيلم فوتوكوبي

5- مسلسل طاقه نور

** Advertising agencies

Mainly in procurement and executing projects starting from the marketing aspects, sales and distribution.

Companies includes:

1- Chisal

2- Amer Group

** Art Director

Participated in few theatre and series as an Assistant to the Director