Maytable Inc

Maytable Inc is a little video group that was formed by a bunch of kids (mainly boys) in late 2006. The name was derived randomly as somethings in life just come randomly. No, we're serious. Maytable really has no meaning in it. Now, in 2008, during English class, we decided to shorten Maytable Inc to an acronym, MTI, which we are now commonly known. MTI is divided up into 2 channels on YouTube. Our main channel is MTI 2 and this channel contains all of our original classic and contemporary videos. Our sub channel, MTI, has all of the music videos that we have to offer. It also boasts a video we made during our early years and it currently has just over 10,000 views. In late 2010 and early 2011, all of the videos on MTI 2 became reformatted to an HD format (720p/1080p) and cropped to a widescreen (16:9) format. This helped us become in lined with the current video technology community. MTI does not produce any classic videos because we don't really talk to our group of actors anymore, hence the word, "classic". However, various videos made for school projects gets posted from time to time. And classic videos that are randomly found in DVDs from time to time are then re-uploaded to YouTube. Visit our official website for more info.