maythe monserrath contreras barbosa

Student in Colima, México

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Hi, my name is Maythe Monserrath Contreras Barbosa. I have sixteen years old. I´m from Mexico. I live in Colima is place very very beutiful, is small, cool and natural with muchs muchs trees and pealms. One state quiet, with people friendlys, workers, regularly honest.

I livingas well in house very tall and very big with two floors, what hold a garden inside, full flowers, the house is the color blue and white, where they live my mother, grandfathers, uncles and me. I sleep room big.

I study at university of Colima in high school number two by afternoon, is gread. I have there thrre friends, the wich they are the best.

I like eat much sopitos y tacos, i like see cartoons, i like traveling areas rustic and natural. I like know the hisiory about of my ancestors, i like especially my contry.

I love people siples, humbles full of love.

I like as well drink water of cucumber with chia, peppermient and pineapple. I don´t like the problems and the people scandalous. I don´t like too eat pipian and mole and deveragesalcoholic.

My dailys habits are: give four meals, do homework, cleand home, take a shower, feed my dogs and by last goto the scool.