Mayur Avaji

Student, Editor, and Photographer in Mumbai, India

Mayur Avaji

Student, Editor, and Photographer in Mumbai, India

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Hello guys!

My self Mayur Avaji.

My age is 20.

I'm from Maharashtra and I live in Mumbai.

My Hobby is dancing, singing, playing, fitness, acting. And acting is my favourite subject.

My favourite actor is Hrithik Roshan, my all style is look like a Hrithik.

My favourite food is Chinese. Like it most.

I want to become a big business man. this is my Dream.

My family background is too simple. And we are five member.

I have one sister and her name is Mahima and one brother, his name is Sagresh.

these are studying

First number is me than my sister than my brother. Means I'm elder in my family.

My father is Driver. His name is Dattaram. His very good person, because his doing very hard work in our life. my father is not educated. And I love my Dad.

My mother is hairdresser, Her name is Rupali. She is so beautiful lady in the world. She is god for me. I can't say in my word. Shehas been working very well.

That's it...

This is my family background. I told you my family background is simple.

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Thank you.