Mayur Mutha

Pune, India

Growing up, he knew he was destined to be great at one thing, and one thing only; Sitting around all day (in his shorts), blowing people's minds without even formally meeting them. Some time after, the Internet reared his head, and he saw the light. It was not only a great place to buy useless appliances at vastly reduced prices and illegally download music. It was a place for beauty, wonder, and up voting funny pictures of cats.

He then made a vow against his boring life and dedicated his life to the preservation of all that is holy on the internet. He then became a Designer, a Web Designer.

Before his love affair with Design & Photography, following in the footsteps of Harry Potter, he attended a little-known unaccredited college full of socially awkward people who played Magic, practiced a variety of formulas, logic's, laws & definitions that produced visual masterpieces, and had a series of haircuts generally unpopular with the ladies. He couldn't take this all, maybe all at once. And hence, he then switched on the creativity in him...

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