London, UK

Mayvid Music there are only two things that exist in our Conceptual Sound Lab, Innovative Talent and Originality. Making and Marketing Music is a pure art form we have spent over a decade perfecting and might we say ... re-inventing. We are a versatile and diversified team of "Mavericks and Passionistas" who dedicate our lives to making music work beyond it's shelf life! As well as feel and sound phenominal! This in turn drives strategic marketing structures to garner exposure for our stable of luxuriant iconoclasts. We get no sleep until we blaze your compositions and musical concepts to brand you the Artist, in the opaque fibres of the entertainment industry not just worldwide, transcending what is humanly impossible to consider.

We are a Convergent Immersive company making music legacy for all present in the world and for the unborn generations to come.