My name is Mayya.

I am an artist, designer and educator living in New York.

Born in a sunny seaport in southern Ukraine, I spent my early years studying art, dreaming, reading poetry, watching people, learning how to connect...

I am influenced by the ever-elusive aesthetic of Wabi Sabi, the philosophy of Zen Buddhism, the raw power of ancient tribal cultures, the creative expressions of non-artists.

Inspired by dreams, reality, transience of things, imperfect beauty, travel, nature, spirituality, kindness.

Can't create without balance, love, trust, music.

I am forever drawn to the idea of collaborative mediums, materials that allow to co-create - a dialog, a passionate dance of the artist and the medium...

Listen, feel, respect, relinquish control... Wet ink on japanese paper, the imperfections of a wood block imprint, watercolor running down the page, a lump of clay spinning, spinning, spinning - turning into a shape under my hands.

Working in opposites... Left is right. Right is left. Backward is forward... Etching, monoprints, cyanotype, silk screen...

I believe that work must be quiet yet dramatic, wistful, lyrical, complex in its stillness and simplicity. It must be honest, poetic and personal.


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