M. S. R. Ayyangar

Emmessar Technologies Limited (ETL) was started as an Engineering Consultancy Firm as a proprietary concern under the name “MSR & Company” in the year 1982. Subsequently, it was incorporated as a Private Limited Company in the year 1984. ETL bought over an Iron Foundry in Thane and promoted a Steel forging unit in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh in the same year 1984. In addition to Engineering Consultancy and running these 2 companies, it created an R&D department in the field of Biotechnology & Human Healthcare.

Continuous R&D resulted in developing the process & manufacturing know-how for many Specialty Chemicals for Agriculture, Micro Nutrients for Plants, Animals & Humans, Non Sulfur Vulcanizing Agents for natural & synthetic rubber, feed stock for hi-tech adhesives, Construction Chemicals etc.