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Maze Chit is a simple smart software which keeps the bureaus and their customers in constant connection with transparent communications about accounting process, chit registration, group formation, auction process, collection, sending the receipt details, etc.

It is a pile of time-saving ERP that serves both firms and their customers a quality product which helps in keeping them in constant communication process by keeping track of their finance. The salient features of Maze Smart Chit are cost efficient, time efficient, highly secured, availability of regular updates, limited modules in the mobile application for the chit funds, usage of the software in both online and offline mode, easily accessible nature. Maze smart chit tops all with customization quality, which means the software is available with default facilities to the customers but they can be added with more facilities or it can be developed in the different convenient way of firms and their customers. This software allows the firms to maintain lucid rapport about the accounting process, chit registration, group formations, auction process, collections, sending the receipt details, etc. with their customers. It produces accurate results, data by reducing manual workloads and manual errors and delivers the results on time.