Mazhar Cheema


Assalam-o-Alaikum...! I was born on 27th Dec 1993 to Pakistani Muslim family in Kuwait. I spent my childhood in Kuwait for 8 years and studied from Kuwait Indian School which was near our flat. In that 8 years duration God blessed me to visit His home 4 times i.e Saudi Arabia (Mecca). When these 8 years were finished I went to my homeland Pakistan. It was a new place for me and I was quiet happy because I had so many relatives there and even the unknown ppl to me also knowed about me very well. My life is always full of journeys. I started a new life and went to St. Mary's High School which was near to our home as before. I was very well in studies and everyone felt really pride on me. But I had to face many problems regarding studies. Once my leg bone was broken accidentally and that thing made me slow enough in studies because my mind was totally in rest for about 3 months. Somehow I tried harder and managed. During my metric I was clever enough and came to know about my other interests especially about discovering new things and knowledge. I was fund of gaming during my early childhood and this habit is still alive in me. I used computer for hours just playing games but soon I started to know about computer settings and programs and internet. Like this my knowledge and discovery increased day by day and soon i came across interesting things like program or game cracking i.e a type of hacking. This passion in me continued and moved on with me from Windows platform to Symbian and Android operating systems as well. Soon i became an expert in computers and mobile devices and also started my own informative and helpful blog. I'm also good in Graphics/Web Designing and know Adobe Photoshop as well as Adobe Dreamweaver. I also know MS Office very well. I also started listening songs and then singing my favourite ones, I also wrote some lyrics and performed some songs which are on my soundcoud profile and I became interested in modeling and acting too. As Islam is my religion so I also had deep analysis and research in Islam and liked to preach Islam also, Moreover as a singer I also started singing Nasheeds/Islamic Songs which tells I'm Islamic Artist too. With all these skills I was an All in One Man and all this continued for ever. My studies also went along these activities and after my metric and inter with science I started with civil engineering and I'm yet a student. I wish to go back to middle east countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Dubai.

  • Work
    • All in One Man
  • Education
    • St. Mary's High School
    • Kuwait Indian School
    • Punjab College Of Science
    • Govt. College Of Technology