Mazia Muzafar

Student in Srinagar

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Hey there, I’m Mazia. I’m a student living in Srinagar. I am a fan of photography, technology, and food. I’m also interested in cooking and innovation.

It depends what day you catch me on as to how I describe myself.I don't change but how I feel about myself does.

There you go :

I'm a mediocre girl,with no fancy college degree,no job,no internship,nothing.I use social media to acquire more and more memes.I have an atomic memory.

I'm a self proclaimed weirdo with OCD, anxiety and a pretty bloody enormous persecution complex,and I'm still here.

I'm very quiet and shy is the first thing people say when they meet me,but once I get to know someone,my shyness dissolves and I become super chatty and annoying.I'm basically the jokester of the group(and am proud of it).