Mark Bautista

San Diego, California

Mark Bautista’s passions include fitness, health, nutrition, psychology, meditation, social dynamics, and self development.

Today we are constantly bombarded with influences that shape the way think, act, and grow. Over time, you are defined by your influences. What sets apart happy, successful individuals is that they carefully choose the influences that shape them. What kind of influences are you going to let into your life?

You should let Mark’s writing be one of your influence because he pierces through the normal white noise of information to give you insightful ways to help you become the best version of yourself. It is hard to find truth in the mess of information you can find online. What sets Mark apart from other writers is that he lives, breathes, and experiments with everything that he preaches. This allows him to exponentially improve his life and evolve his ideas to share with you.

Mark has a lot of experience with weightlifting, meditation, nutrition, personal training, and coaching for both aesthetics and sports performance. He lives to learn more about his He reads books, academic studies, and watches videos to expand his health, fitness, and wellness knowledge.

The daily life of Mark Bautista starts off with using a sleep cycle tracking app to wake him up. The first thing he does is his morning meditation. Along with a mix of vegetables, protein, chia seeds, and other healthy products all mixed in a drink, Mark does brain training exercises and reads. After his morning routine is finished, he studies, working towards becoming a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. After studying, he hits the gym. While eating his post workout meal, Mark works hard writing to share his latest ideas to everybody. He usually tries to get outdoors to soak up nature by going on hikes. Mark values his friendships and connections with the people he knows and meets so in the evening Mark spends the rest of the hours of the day socializing. His nightly routine includes reading under candle light and then falling asleep listening to self development coaches.

  • Work
    • The Daily Confidential
  • Education
    • Monte Vista High School
    • San Diego State University