Mazwi Simelane

Student, Teacher, and Public Speaker in Johannesburg, South Africa

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Mazwi Prince Simelane is a kind and adorable leader. In love with education and God. Who have deeper meaning of the word understanding and love . A generous man and a motivator by nature. A student majoring with Life Sciences and Geography. Who is in-love with Education and helping needy people without wanting something in return, with a passion of seeing a changed world. Who is less political and more religious.

My current technological ability is best , on a weighing of 90%. Technology has been on my best interest since I arrived at UJ, and so far I have taught myself a lot. I struggle less when it comes to technology.

In future I want to be a caring and transformative teacher, who takes into consideration all the problems his learners face and make ways to solve then. A teacher who care less about the risk which will bring good to the school. And finally a teacher that transforms a heart and make school environment a safe and secure place for the learners. A teacher that is a parent, a friend and a counselor .