Kat Mazzone

UMass Amherst

Who am I? I don't know how other people view me, but this is how I view myself.

I am Kat Mazzone. It is slightly ironic because I am allergic to cats. Everyone finds this hysterical when my eyes are swelling up. I am twenty years old and have grown up in the same suburban town my whole life. I am always looking for an adventure and quite frequently found my curiosity getting me into trouble as I was growing up.

When my highschool piers look back at our yearbook they will see my face listed under the title, "Most Likely to Make You Laugh," or in other words "Class Clown." I don't take myself too serious, just serious enough. I love to have fun. But everyone loves to have fun. My idea of fun is watching disney movie marathons all day, eating cookie dough, playing any type of sport, challenging myself to things that seem unattainable. I just want to push myself to succeed and break through the boundaries which contain me. For example, I ran a half marathon and was won a medal for the time completion. I did not train. I went out and ran this to see if I could. I did it... but the last mile I was holding back tears and my mouth was turned into some weird frown type thing. Random viewers felt so bad they started chanting words of encouragement at me. It was embarrassing but hilarious.

I don't want to be taken too seriously and will not put on an act. I'm a simple person and believe honesty is the key to success (unless any women asks you about her weight.) So who am I?

Who really wants to know... Are you really that curious? Am I writing to myself? Is anyone even going to read this? Man, I seem very self absorbed rambling on about myself. If I was talking to you/someone I would have asked about you already, so I apologize. Enough about you though. BACK TO ME!

I am a great listener and always have advice to give. I think Gandhi is inspirational. I am anemic. I wear fuzzy socks all the time. My slippers are in the shape of lions. My love of junk food and health conflict every day. I have been dying my hair since I was 14 due to greying. I have many best friends, one of them being my dog. I thrift shop far too often. I sang in the talent show twice at my school as well as the national anthem for sports teams. I got so nervous I threw up in my mouth on stage. I'm interesting, as are you.

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