Prudence Mbalenhle Ngobese

I’m very passionate about food not only preparing it but also eating it. My passion is what brought me to the University of Johannesburg, where I’m a first year Food and Beverage Operations student. Notonly do I learn different skills in the kitchen but the course provides therelevant knowledge to become a manager in the food and beverage industry. My love for cooking and baking began at a very young age with my grandmother in KZN. Every morning she would bake anything from fat cakes to scones, for special occasions, a cake for her grandchildren’s birthdays and a feast for family gatherings. She was adored by family and friends because of the delicious meals she prepared. I was always curious of how she always made such delicious meals. Today, like her, I prepare mouth watering meals that friends and family gather around for with empty stomach and anxious hearts to taste my food. With all the family recipes that were passed down to me, I can never go wrong. Seeing the enjoyment in peoples faces when they taste my food is ultimate joy. My grandmother always told me that her secret ingredient is love, that’s why everything she prepared brought joy into peoples hearts the minute they tasted it. This is one ingredient I put in everything I prepare.