Mhiz Balogun

My name is Temitope Margaret Balogun, i’m a college student trying to major in nursing, and i am from Nigeria. I came to to America for the first time when i was 16. I have never thought of starting a blog until today, when I was in the cafeteria with my friend trying to update her about the latest celebrity news like I always do lol… and she was like i could see you being a blogger, and i was like uh uh, a blogger? and she was like yea, they make a lot of money, immediately she said that i was like wait a minute this babe is speaking the truth, these could be my chance to succeed, as per no one can tell the future, I could be the next Linda Ikeji, who is going to be my mentor in this game. so basically what I will be doing is spreading the amebo( rumors, gist) about what’s going on in today’s society like all other bloggers. The only difference is that I am not going to come up with the story, I am going to look for stories around and I am going cite my sources. so you guys be good to me, love y’all.