Dr. Mark Bamberger, Esq.

Springboro, Ohio

Founder/Owner/Attormey at Law at The Mark Bamberger Co., LLC (www.bambergerlaw.com), a genral practice law firm based in and around Dayton, Ohio USA and serving jurisdictions from Cincinnati north through Urbana. We focus on bankruptcy, divorce/dissolution and custody law, criminal defense litigation, employment law, environmental law, and animal law. Further, I am married to my southern belle, have three compassionate and environmentally aware daughters, am a former environmental geologist, geology professor, and hazardous waste specialist. Finally I am a son, lover, mate, environmental windmill tilter and overall lost-cause fighter, frustrated rock drummer, motorcycle lover (Honda Goldwing rider - see Wallpaper), law firm workaholic, animal rights advocate, vegetarian (most times), rock & roll devotee, and multiple-time fantasy football champion.

  • Work
    • The Mark Bamberger Co., LLC
  • Education
    • Wyoming High School
    • Miami University
    • Wichita State University
    • The Union Institute
    • Capital University Law School