Melissa Banville

From the glitz strewn sidewalks of Hollywood to the 'je ne sais quois' of Paris and the undeniable style of Milan, I love fashion. My eyes light up and my heart races every time a new line is released by one of my favorite designers...

I also have a flair for marketing in consumer retail.

Beginning with the internationally-recognized San Franciso Centre storefront of Nordi's to the highly competitive niche of the bridal market, my success has taught me that presentation is everything. I graduated SFSU with a bachelor's degree in Apparel Design and Merchandising and this has fueled my passion even higher.

Areas of Interest

Fashion Industry Trends

Strategic Communications & Messaging

Buying - Planning - Fashion Mix

Competitive Intelligence - Marketing

Textiles in the World Marketplace

New Product Releases - Events - Promotions

Retail Management - Store Operations

My personality is upbeat and my fashion style is a cross between contemporary and Boho-chic - I like to mix it up and have fun in a professional and polished way. I cannot live without ice cream - The seductive indulgence of the creamy sweetness makes me feel as though I can overcome any challenge... Just a little bit of courage in a single teaspoon. My friends would say - I am never without one of my Marc Jacobs handbags. Puppies make me happy...

But more importantly, marketing and management is my trade, and...Fashion... is my life...