Mbasa Qukula

Consultant in Cape Town, South Africa

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Mbasa, the person, is a progressive humanist at heart, striving to leave the world a little bit better than he found it. Mbasa, the professional, is a strategist & consultant by definition, striving to help brands and businesses execute the right solutions.

A wearer of many different hats, he positions himself at the intersection of various industry verticals that span across marketing & advertising, research & ethnography, social innovation & intrapreneurship, economics & behavioural science, sustainability & ethics, and management & org culture.

He is an in-house resource with an outsource mindset, guided by the principles of 6 Ps:

People | Planet | Process | Products | Profits | Purpose

He operates under the entity, Quintessence Consulting (Pty) Ltd, which is an insights-led business solutions provider to clients, employers, co-collaborators, utilities, and partners; orientated around 4 core pillars of delivery, namely:

- Communications Strategy

- Brand Strategy

- Business Strategy

- Creative Strategy

The ode that he lives by is, The Man in the Arena, by Theodore Roosevelt.