maik bastiaens

Senior Business Process Expert in Lommel, Belgium

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Grew up in Germany, living in Belgium and working in the Netherlands makes me a true European citizen, who likes diversity of cultures, lifestyles and people. Photography is my passion and it gives me the ability to reflect all the amazing things that I discover every day. In addition I love to run, mtb and snowboard. Below Statement provides a broad understanding of my style. Use this to gain a better understanding of my approaches to my activities, relationships and decisions:I am a serious, responsible and sensible member of society. I'm usually less interested in new principles and theories than new projects and processes. I am a realist who sees things as they are and be prepared to accept them as such. I'm at my best in everything I do that involves people, where co-operation can be achieved through goodwill. Whatever I'm doing I will accomplish with orderliness and reliability. I'm often more interested in “real things” than intangibles, such as abstract ideas and theories and I'm aesthetically appreciative and values quality. I often see when colours match or blend and may have a highly developed taste for art, music and food. I like to prepare well and prefer to know why and how things happen.I greatly prefer to trust what I can hear, smell, taste, touch and see, rather than accept abstract orintangible ideas. I like concrete facts, have a good memory for detail and usually learn bestfrom “hands-on” experiences. My energy is given to the world in the service of others, and inan orderly, realistic and practical way. My commitment to my obligations comes much less in words, and much more in getting thingsdone. Intent on keeping a low profile, I'm quiet and reserved, especially around strangers. I'm loyal and get on well with others without in any way pushing myself to do so. I have strong family ties and to keep in closecontact is an essential part of my make-up. My dependability and willingness to lend a sympathetic yet objective ear makes me a supportive team player. I have the ability to note what is needed in a situation and act accordingly. I am a good mediator or peace keeper because I can agree while not being fully drawn to any one view. I may appear dismissive of decisions made on “gut-feel” rather than objective analysis. My decisions are usually consistent, practical and appropriate.