Abhishek Srivastava

Consultant, Personal Trainer, and Public Speaker in Gurgaon, Haryana, India

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Top Career Guidance and Career Counselling In India

MBAtrek is India’s best placement preparation and career guidance expert, we help students and young professionals with career guidance programs.

Any career guidance work that team MBAtrek starts with a detailed set of assessments to understand your cognitive, behavioral and skill profile. We have created a comprehensive assessment to understand your work situation, and that will help in your future career planning — should I stay in my current job or look for other career options.

As a career consultant, we take you through the different steps which are part of your 1st year at the Job:

1. Settling in to the organization and understanding the unsaid and hidden rules of the corporate world.

2. Surviving and connecting at the workplace by engaging meaningfully with both your peers and seniors

3. Positioning your personal brand at work and preparing for the 1st annual appraisal and performance cycle

4. Build a roadmap for you as your personal career consultant on what to do next in terms of your career development

Typically most students and young professionals will ask for career counselling online and ask “how to choose a career”? Our advice to them is simple, first align your expectations both financial and life oriented to make the appropriate decision.