I am a wife and mother. I have two children.

I have always thought that this type of thing (cancer) would happen to 'other' people. I always felt so sorry for those 'other' people. I would cry if I ever saw the 'other' people on the television talking about their struggles. If I saw one of those 'other' people in the shops, it would always make me sad. Now I am one of those 'other' people.

In 2009 I found a lump on my right breast. No drama I thought, it will be a cyst or a blocked milk duct. Ahhh ... no ... it is cancer.

In 2010 I found that the cancer had travelled to my lymph nodes. This meant another operation, chemo and radiation.

In 2013 I found that my cancer had travelled to my liver, lungs and pelvic bone. I have no words

Then comes the transformation. It does seem so cliche, but cancer has a profound affect on your life. I have always lived pretty clean. I don't really drink, I am a vegetarian, don't really eat junk food and I exercise regularly. I am a private person ... although I started this blog. I suspect this is part of my 'transformation stage'.

This blog is a little oasis for me to retreat to in the middle of the night when sleep escapes me.