Mohammed Mbayyed

As I always look forward to an extraordinary future success, I have hobbies and dreams that go beyond my academic achievements. My name is Mohammed Mbayyed, I have many hobbies that take a good part of my life time, the most important one is theatre, I have been an active member of “The popular theatre” since 2003. Through this time, I participated in two plays “the cage” in 2003 and “the black light” in 2008-2009. Plus, I love design! I started it as a hobby and now I work as a professional graphic designer. In 2008-2009, I worked as a sound engineer in Amwaj Radio. This work experience helped me a lot in discovering new things and connecting relationships. In 2010 and after getting the needed experience in the radio field, I created “Sioo” radio which is a critic, sarcastic, comic radio that puts meaningful issues under the spotlight. Although I am still a student, I aim to promote creativity and achieve excellence in all my aspects of life. Based on this belief, I was one of “eVeNT” company creators in 2009, this business idea is concerned with managing and organizing all kinds of events. In 2009-2010, I created “Palideas” group. This creative group consists of 40 members from the Palestinian youth who are still in high schools and universities. Palideas is concerned with all the interests, hobbies, talents, inventions and ideas of the Palestinian youth. I should tell here that creating this group was the most valuable experience I have ever been through. I am truly grateful for the time, professionalism and the great effort exerted by Palideas team, the media and all other parties. Besides, and for my high commitment to most of the voluntary works that come across, I was given the “the ideal volunteer prize” for 2009 in the Palestinian voluntary festival. Finally, I would like to say that success comes from our deep belief that we are special enough to have extraordinary future successes! For me, I don’t aim to succeed in the future only, I aim to have all my simple details as successful as they deserve!