MBENNZ the S.T.A.R. Child

Hip Hop enriches the lives of those who feel it's rhythmic pulse; MBennz, the dynamic new female lyricist exploding on the scene, enriches Hip Hop! From a very young age she seemed poised to ascend into stardom, often performing for family and friends at gatherings and celebrations. Confident and charismatic, she would light up the stage during karaoke routines with friends, most of which she would coordinate. As she entered her teens, poetry and other forms of creative writing seemed to come naturally to her. In her work she exhibited an uncanny knack for interpreting the world around her through the brilliant landscape of her minds eye. It was this love for the arts, coupled with an affinity for the works of artists such as Nas, Mobb Deep, Eminem, Jay-Z, Binary Star, Mos Def, and Talib Kweli, to name a few, that sparked a desire in her to begin writing her own flows. Even in the early stages MBennz's lyrics were incendiary, tackling socially relevant issues with the tempered passion of a young mind speaking through an old soul. Infusing core beliefs such as positivity, integrity, and social accountability in each bar, her songs quickly evolved into potent tools meant to inspire and uplift all who heard. In her adult years she began recording and distributing her material, armed with little more than an iTOUCH and an ability to touch lives. It was here that she found her footing, and also her true calling. With each new song the California native was discovering that she was not just developing into an M.C., but a revolutionary as well. Among the grass roots, true fans of Hip Hop, she began to gain notoriety for her unique ability to create in one take what many artists couldn't given weeks. Her lyrical style is best described as the perfect blend of hard hitting content with a sultry twist of femininity. Bennz is very careful, however, not to allow her sex appeal to detract from her impeccable skills as an artist. "A lot of times women in Hip Hop are objectified as sex symbols, rather than appreciated for their lyrical talent. Woman can be intelligent AND attractive, we don't need to diminish one quality for people to respect the other." Though primarily focused on creating conscious music, she also has a silly side In mastering the balance of both sides of her personality with incredible grace, MBennz leaves the listener with nothing left to be desired. Keep an eye out for this shining star as she assumes her place among the legends in the game.