Michael Berrios

Hi my name is Mike Berrios. Welcome to my site. My goal here is to share with you valuable content on how to start a successful online publishing and marketing business. I also have plenty for those business owners who have already begun their journey. Let me share with you a little bit about myself. I have been an entrepreneur since I was a young lad selling my toys in elementary school. I've always been creative from building my own radio to building a few houses and apartment buildings. I'm a plumber by trade, a lover of personal development, a rebel against the conventional way of doing things and sort of an introvert. I'm working on the last one. I love dogs, cats are ok. Fish fascinate me (living in and breathing water is so awesome) I'm proud papi and grandpapa Why should you read my blog? My life's been through plenty of ups and downs both personally and professionally. I've bounced back from illnesses, from incarceration, from several business failures and setbacks. I've even made it out of homelessness (twice!!!!). Now I'm happily employed, living in a nice place with my family and I'm back at it again building two great businesses. One a publishing and marketing company and a real estate investing business. This website is solely to share and help those people who want to make that change that they've been dreaming of to become successful entrepreneurs as well as rebel mavericks. I believe that you can overcome any obstacle, any failure and all setbacks. They are only lessons to be learned so that you can get back at it again towards your goals. Now that you know about me and the purpose of this site. Feel free to check out all my posts. I love to share free valuable content that you utilize to get started with your own online business. I want to thank you for visiting my site. Please like, leave me comment and share. As a token of my gratitude I have a free report on the Top 5 Reasons Why Internet Marketers Fail Online that you can download here: Click Here to Download Your FREE REPORT A great way to learn is to model yourself after other entrepreneurs and learn from their mistakes. This report is a part of a forth coming training product that my company is developing. Keep on the lookout for that and more. Don't forget to download your free report here: Click Here to Download Your FREE REPORT Passionate about self development and the improvement of others. "I'm truly convinced you can have anything you want in life as long as you help enough o