Marie Blake


All her life she felt defeated. If something good ever happened to her, it was followed by something bad. She was a dancer in the dark; a dreamer when no one was looking; invisible to the public eye. She took out her pain in her writing; poetry that can chill anyone’s spine. Then she grew tired of putting so much pity on herself. She realized that if she wanted to get things done she had to do them herself and not depend on anyone else. Soon she started to break out of her shell. She began to realize that she had a gift and was ready to share it with the world. She was getting recognized by her friends and family, then by the public eye that she once hid from. She wasn’t afraid anymore. She wanted to share her love of writing to the world and looks forward to the future. She looks back on her pain every now and then, and transfers it to positive energy. It is a reminder of where she came from, and the drive to help her keep going and achieve things she never thought she could. She was no longer dancing in the dark; the sun is shining and all eyes are on her.

  • Education
    • BA in English at the University of Florida