Muhammad Bilal Khan

Karachi, Pakistan


I am Graphic designer, Eng/Urdu Blogger, Young Social Activist, Pure Pakistani :) and a Student. I used Computer first time in 2002 when I was Just 6 Year old. Later in 2004 I was created my first HTML website in MS Frontpage and in 2005 I was made my very first blog on Google's blogging Platform blogspot. In 2010 while searching Urdu related stuff on Google, I was accidently visited Urdu Blog :) then I read many other Urdu Blogs and become Urdu Blogger. Same Year 2010 I was start learning Tutorials Related Graphic designing and now I am Succesful Eng/Urdu Blogger, Graphic Designer, Freelancer and also Young Social Activist.

Hobbies: Blogging, Grpahic Designing, Cricket, Football etc.

That's All ! :)

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