Michael Billips

Columbus, Ohio

The central skill of a linguist is to see past our surrounding reality and find new, staggering insights about it.

“Oh, I never noticed that,” you say.

I am first and most reflexively a writer. I'm a linguist by training—I can tell if you're sulcalizing your sh's or if you're raising your æ's—so research fuels my work. On the other side of the writing coin, I'm a game designer that is diving into more and more aspects of the whole development process.

As you might see, I'm a notorious generalist that doesn't see the boundaries, definitions, and divisions of the world quite like others do and I'm always pushing them. I have a passion for creating new worlds, horizons, and paradigms to help people to see in a new light.

I am currently writing a novel, making a retro RPG, and learning Python, as well as soaking up know-how in design and marketing. I have the drive to learn anything and everything and the ability to do it quickly.

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  • Education
    • The Ohio State University