Belleville, Illinois

I've always said to my family and friends, "When I die, I just written on my gravestone - 'she was so nice'!" I've always asked God for a pure heart so I too could see the face of God. I grew up the baby on 9 children, had a wonderful childhood - now I'm divorced, have a 30 yr. old daughter who is having a baby girl (goody goody) June 1st, and a 21 yr. old son who to be honest, I have no idea what his life's plans are - he lives in a land of total make-believe!

I was an athlete my entire life until about 35 when I had a car accident that severely injured my back - so I turned my attention to interests I had no idea I had. Who knew I was Martha Stewart - who knew! I love everything really, I do. I love to stay home - not much for going out as that was done years ago, but now, I only spend time with people who are really somebody in my life. Losing a middle child makes you learn to appreciate those you love the most and to remember not to take for granted your "I'll see you tomorrow" comments - sometimes those tomorrows but not as you would have hoped. I've walked with the Lord full-time since that yesterday came. Who knew I would now have a blog devoted to the Lord? Who knew!

How many of us has yelled that saying at the top of our lungs when asking the Lord above - why don't you hear me?

I wanted Him to hear me and I wanted to KNOW that He heard me! I ran to Him almost 9 years ago...but I thought I had already walked with Him years and years before that That is why I could not figure out why He was doing what was being done in my life and affecting all who lived in it. It wasn't until my son Trey was killed in a car accident that I kicked my heels off and sprinted straight for the God I thought I knew so well and you what I found...I did not know Him at all. I would soon change all that for I had to the place in His Heart that I had resided all my life or at least up till that point.