Michael Bøcker-Larsen

Kathmandu, Nepal

I'm an explorer in life and in my field. I keep up to date with technologies. I play around. Participate, comment, help out. Together it is more fun.

I am a Danish expat living in Kathmandu, Nepal. My primary occupation is my work and hobby: utilisation of the web for fun and profit - anything that can get people engaged.

Since 2009 I’ been working as the primary web developer and technical project manager of web application similar to the open-source shopping platform Magento.

I also run an artsy restaurant and bar in the centre of Kathmandu, which has become really popular. Web design applied to the real world.

Outside the office my therapy is riding my motorbike and slurping americanos at the cafés of Kathmandu.

If you come by Kathmandu, give me a call! ... I drink coffee.