Matthew Leib

Guitarist, Scotch Lover in Evanston Il

My profession has involved Storage, Virtualization and most recently "Cloud" technologies. I currently hold the position of Strategic Solutions Architect at OnX Systems. OnX is a great integrator with huge offerings across the spectrum from On Demand Services, Hosting, Cloud provider services, and all levels of consulting services with Oracle, Cisco, Hewlett Packard and VMware as key strategic partners. We're not limited by these product streams. There's no limitation on what we can do. I work with virtualization, orchestration and management tools. I’ve been a technology specialist, with years focusing discretely on virtualization, storage, and cloud technologies from the “Hands-On” perspective, as well as years spent in the world of product management, evangelization, and education of people on these products and technologies. I leverage my communication skills to communicate the differentiation of technologies, products, and services to my customers to ensure that the solutions they require are satisfied in the most efficient, cost-effective, and forward-thinking manner possible. I work within all realms of the business to communicate all aspects of cloud functionalities to the business at all levels. I utilize whatever cost-effective tools available to accomplish these tasks, including social media, open source, my years of experience and many other varied approaches to achieve these goals. My goal is to overcome the obstacles both seen and unseen such that solutions are elegant, agile and can be accomplished by both the business and the IT staff, all to achieve results that may not be inherently visible, but can be accessed by a creative approach to solving complex and sometimes confusing problems. In addition, I'm the Communications Director for the vCommunity Trust, a 501(c)3 set up to raise awareness, and build training for people who cannot afford it. This is training particularly around the Virtualization world, most notably VMware Virtualization. Added to the VMware #vExpert Honorary Program for 2013, '14 & '15 I'm also an amateur guitarist, dog lover, and father to an amazing daughter. In addition, I have become the social media manager for a Todd Rundgren dedicated magazine to this artist's history and accomplishments, which will raise money for the Spirit of Harmony Foundation.

  • Work
    • OnX Enterprise Solutions
  • Education
    • University of Iowa
    • the School of life
    • many industry certifications