Mary-Lynn Murray

One of the many reasons I love life so much is because of the greatest fast food restaraunt in America... Chic Fil A. When I was younger, about six or seven years old, I enjoyed McDonalds and receiving my Happy Meal; however, one day I grew up. I knew that the Happy Meal would no longer be able to satisfy my hunger, and I also knew that the toys were no longer interesting to me. Honestly, who likes receiving a Bratz doll with a double chessburger? I sure don't.The day I turned eight years old, I realized what an amazing fast food restaraunt was all about. From the juicy chicken to the plethora of "my pleasure" respones from the workers, I fell in love. Not only was the chicken sandwich mouthwatering and the milkshake milky-goodness, but the waffle fries were the best of all! I have always enjoyed eating Chic Fil A. I try to go there at least 3 times a week; otherwise, I become "hangry" for a chicken sandwich. My personal definition for hangry is when one becomes so hungry that his or her lack of food causes one to become angry. My advice to everyone out there is that Chic Fil A is one of the greatest places on earth and EAT MORE CHICKEN!