MBM Welfare Organization

MBM Welfare Organization

Mehfooz Baitul Welfare Organization in short MBM Welfare Organizationwas established in the year 2001 by our Hon'ble President of the concerned organization Mr. Soofi Mohd Mahboob Shareef who also belongs to the Noble family of Great Soofi Saint Mohd Badshah Shareef and Prominent Islamic Scholar of Islam, Hadhrat Maulana Mufti Abdul Jaleel Sahab – Fazil-e- Jamia Nizamia (May Allah SWT shower His mercy upon them) in the Hyderabad, Capital city of Andhra Pradesh, India.

From last 11 Years, this society is busy rendering its services to the poor and indigents with complete sincerity and dedication.

The main aims and objectives of this society are:

1. To establish an affectionate, peaceful society by making people get their Fundamental rights such as equality, social justice, education, freedom of all doing well etc.

2. Eradicate poverty and help the people get employment.

3. Provide basic necessities to the needy, for instance, Food, Clothing & Shelter.

4. Provide all forms of education i.e. Islamic, Modern and Technical education to all.

5. Finally to assist morally and financially the poor and needy in his/her all aspects of life, without any religious or caste differentiation, solely based on humanity.

Furthermore, looking upon at the increasing population, this society also holds a number of futuristic plans. It desires to expand its activities hundred times in number, since this is the need of the Hour.