María Bonilla

Spain, Málaga

My name is María Bonilla and I am an English/French to Spanish translator. It’s been more than 6 years since I started doing it full-time.

My curiosity has led me to work in very different areas of expertise, from technical or medical translations to texts about fashion or tourism. I learn many things from my job, and this is what I love most. I am so lucky.

I work currently as a freelancer. However, the experience I have gained working in other companies has provided me a complete picture of the translation business, empowering me to find tailored linguistic solutions for my clients.

I have a very special book collection: I buy an edition of The Little Prince in the local language of every country or region I visit, combining my biggest passions: travelling, languages and books. I am also interested in fashion trends; I love coffee as much as tea and I work in a fully motivational coworking space. What else can I ask for?

  • Work
    • Freelance Translator
  • Education
    • Translation Studies
    • Medical and Healthcare Translation