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Entrepreneur in Gold Coast, Australia

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What is Cryptocurrency Global Wealth?

We are a technological advanced wealth development system, our service is helping members build innovation with cryptocurrency S Coin (Sc) as a online/offline digital market program global.

CGW is Partnered with Coinspace a new profitable business in the Billion Dollar Virtual Monetary Industry.

Based in South East Queensland, CGW are enrolling members globally, we have influenced business interest around the globe - presently in Asia/Pacific, Europe and North America, we are looking to expand into Latin America and The Peoples Republic of China to growth and maintain wealth development. Our commitments creating Cryptocurrency Global Wealth as a free training program a notable and sincere way to bring the masses on in volume.

We have designed an easy approach digital marketing tool, where members can use the integrated site to develop business strategies, innovation, and other developments. With live webinars and a 24/7 Social Media chat system, this will become the Global hub when new members join.

Our approach is to train current and new members for investment and business opportunity, the aim is to produce a number of high profitable success in mentorship training wether personal or corporate gain in the Cryptocurrency Industry.

Providing new members with an advanced program and mentoring system our aim is to build a high grade duplicate wealth portfolio online. No need to network the old way as technology and the cloud have made it so... all you need is your smart devices the only tool you need to show & tell.

Cryptocurrency Global Wealth (CGW)

is part of the Asia/Pacific Coinspace moving forward with S-Coin a new developed cryptocurrency available on the stock market in 2016 We are here to simplify Coinspace to the world no matter where you reside.






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