Mark Boswell

Originally from Chicago Mark started his career in international business when he started studying French in the 4th grade and helping his father ship machine parts worldwide since he was 15.

He obtained a degree in 'International Business and Language Area Studies' from St. Norbert College in 1980.

The first job out of college was 'Export Market Manager' for Ekco Housewares and he was responsible for developing new markets in Europe and Africa.

It wasn't long before he realized that he was a little too independent to have a career climbing the corporate ladder and he broke off on his own to work as an independent consultant with the VR Business Brokers doing mergers and acquisitions in the small business market.

During this time he rounded out his experience by obtaining insurance and securities licenses as well as a corporate license as at Mortgage Broker from the State of Illinois.

A dispute with the IRS sharpened his interest in legal matters. He was so empowered by discovering how 'reality' in law was so different than the 'common understanding' he spent the next seveal years building a 'Law Club' the purpose of which was to empower hard working citizens with the knowledge needed to protect themselves, their property and their rights from abusive bureaucrats and over aggressive government and other predators.

He moved to Costa Rica in '99 where he started several businesses. Trade Exchange Tradex was a commercial business development effort which caught on nicely. The Venture Resource Group was an international business incubator and educational club. He also started 'United Trading Group' which obtained a trading seat on the 'BOLSA DE COMMERCIO' (BOLCOMER) which is the commodities exchange in Costa Rica. Due to his success and new ideas he was invited and voted to be a member of the BOARD OF DIRECTORS for Bolcomer where he served for a year.

After 7 years of corruption, laziness and general incompetence in that society, he finally had enough and moved to Panama. He found Panama to be much more advanced in infrastructure, international standards, business culture which was much more suitable for Marks varied business activities.

In Panama Mark lost everything to his ex wife which caused quite a mess, but he is happy now engaged in private consulting for various concerns.