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Best Family Picnicking Landmarks In Macon, GA

Macon, GA has many parks, hotels, museums, rivers, as well as restaurants, among other venues, which offers wonderful picnicking grounds. You can choose to attend myriads of festivals, cultural events, sporting events, and music concerts on schedule to go down in the city for a picnicking spree as well.The Macon local government is very thankful to the Wife Savers Cleaning Services – Macon for scheduling picnicking events last week. The government is looking forward to other parties to come and join this mission.

Read on for the premier family picnicking landmarks in Macon GA:

Amerson River Park

The Amerson River Park is a perfect venue to come for a picnicking spree with your friends, family, as well as date as the park covers an enormous acreage and has myriads of places for hiking, picnicking, as well as weekend relaxing. You will get the opportunity to tour different woods, wetlands & meadows, and with many playgrounds available, canoe launch, as well as many events, you will not miss things to do and see for a picnicking spree. The Amerson River Park address is 2551 North Pierce Drive, Macon, GA 31204, USA.

Central City Park

The central city park has excellent picnicking shelters gazebos, playgrounds, and host the Annual Cherry Blossom Festival. The very shady spots, an extensive array of lush green gardens and the open fields provide a perfect getaway from the city’s bustling scene. The park address is 115 Willie Smokie Glover Dr, Macon, GA 31201, USA.

Georgia Sports Hall of Fame

The venue provides you with the opportunity to put boots on the ground and engage in different outdoorsy activities. It is home to Macon’s largest sports museum, schedules great kid-friendly activities, interactive games, and has rotating exhibits, which help kiddos venture into their play thing. You also get the grounds to learn about different athletes and memorable sports moments in Macon.

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