MCA Here I Come

Motor Club of America, since it's inception 86 years ago, has been a trusted name in accident coverage and known to have more coverage than AAA. How does that sound like financial freedom, you ask. Well, just a few years ago they opened their doors to an associate referral program. This program pays you for each referral you sign up. Not only will they pay you to refer individuals to sign up for coverage, but if they become an agent and sign people up, you also get paid for that too. It is a gift that keeps on giving.

The plan includes Emergency Road Service, Travel Assistance Reimbursement, Trip Planning and Travel Reservations, Arrest Bond, Bail Bonds, Attorney Fees, Stolen Vehicle Reward, Credit Card Protection, Discounts on Prescriptions, Vision Care and Dental. Emergency Reimbursement Benefits, Daily Hospital Benefit, Accidental Death Benefit, and Travel Assistance Program if you a injured in a covered accident that requires emergency treatment or hospital admission within 72 hours.

So not only are you covered in case of accident in your home, office, on the road, or abroad. But the program pays for itself if you become an agent. Start making money today. You get paid weekly, so if you refer someone and they sign-up, you get paid next week. Click here for more information, or leave your name, number, and e-mail address in the message box above! Please feel free to contact me, Soe, at 773-234-7614.

Let's take our finances to new heights!