Marcos Canales

You are here because something intrigued you and now you are searching for more about who I am and what it is about me... this page in short detail will feed your desire-

I am no more than the average man- I am no hero nor am I a person of power. I control my life and my future.

My desire is to continually achieve the unexpected and be the "person". I can only do as much as I strive to accomplish- it is only myself that can hold me back.

What is that I do? In short, I am a geek- I am facinated by technology and find myself sitting at a console for hours on end (the console being a metaphor). I know that one day I will create the future and bring light to a new dark corner, but for now- I'll work at what I do best and that is find solutions for the systems in which I know best.

If you found this site- you must somehow know me or of me. Sometimes I get a little carried away, but I feel that my honesty truly portrays who I really am and where I really want to go. If you require more information please contact me.