Melissa Canales

Montreal, Quebec

Melissa Canales

Montreal, Quebec

Melissa is the youngest person in North America to become a Sexual Health Educator.She is also, a teen correspondent for Dr. Laurie Betito's Passion, on CJAD 800 AM. In 2010, Melissa won at the local, regional and national levels of the Quebec Entrepreneurship Contest, where she competed against over 53,000 particpants at the entry level and 2,400 at the national level. She received funding for Condom Crazy! In 2011, she became the spokesperson for the Quebec Entrepreneurship Contest. She is a young entrepreneur and her initiatives go towards the betterment of her community.


Melissa has been present at:

John Abbott College's Sexual Health Week

Health and Wellness Day at Marionopolis College

Vanier College's End of Semester Boat Party

Vanier College's Sexual Health Week

Dawson College's Sexual Health Day

The Everything to do with Sex Show 2012

Sextravaganza presented by the Sexual Health Network of Quebec


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