uriecookie aka anti-ereri

sad/rad kid 💀 and Father in Canada

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hi im colin/cath but tbh you can call me,,, any time

so,, there's not much to know except these couple of things

i go by they/she pronouns !

i am a pan/bi lookin for affection

i am a sucker for childhood friend ships


-if you support pedophilic/abusive/toxic ships (ereri mainly idrc abt sebaciel UNLESS)

-you aren't okay with me calling out problematic/pedophilic/abusive ships (ereri, sebaciel, yunoyuki, etc.)

-if you aren't okay with me calling out certain ppl, issues, ships, and characters

-if you don't like shitty fandoms (aot/ homestuck)

-if you dislike a lot of these (but i mean,,, you should still follow me)





•ere min





•basically any major ship of free besides from soumako



tags list (NOTE: these are not people that i kin with as i do not kin, but if you post photos/edits of these characters,,, pls tag me as them)

-nai (karneval) ((important!!!!))

-kaworu nagisa (nge) ((also important!!!))

-hideyoshi nagachika (tg)

-urie kuki (tg) ((if u want,,))

-oikawa tooru (hq!!)

-makoto tachibana (free!)

-hinata shouyou (hq!!)

-yukine (noragami)

-either of the strider brothers (hs)

-jade harley (hs)

-gamzee makara ew!!!! (hs) ((minor))

-hazama masayoshi (sam flam)

this is actually sad but these are the main ones

once again i don't kin with any of them

and yeah that's it i try to be chill but reall y im just looking for love