Miguel Brás


Portuguese born and living since ever in Lisbon! The early years were spent in the street playing around with friends, something I really regret in new generations addicted to multimedia and computer games! Maybe things must be like that, I don't know!

Ever dreamed about being a doctor (who didn't?), but ended up in the military! I do like what I do, and I'm truly proud to wear my National Flag in my right arm whenever I work!!

I found recently (2013/2014) that I feel most happy when talking with people from somewhere else, portuguese or not! Unfortunately that's a handicap I admit I have, so this is clearly a "work in progress" matter.
Friends call me loyal, funny but a little introverted. I'd call myself stubborn, impatient and a lot more things that would scare any mentally healthy person.

As hobbies I do have several, none of them will impress you, but they provide me joy, distraction and a zen state whenever I do them!
Love to travel, although not a well-traveled person. But I'll get there, got a entire life up to my 76th anniversary (which is the age I think I'll be happy to leave this world, let's see!).

Been there, done that, and looking to embrace new challenges. I love people that smartly argues about any kind of subject, except football and social magazines. It really turns me off, even though I like to play football. Mentally challenged, I can stay up for hours, days and weeks! Does that makes me a nerd??? Oh well!!

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