Dayton Ohio United States

I am a junior at the University of Dayton. I am studying international business management and marketing. My major brought me to Spain last Spring to study aborad where I had the oppurtunity to camp in the Morraccan Desert, walk the Cliffs of Mohr, follow the footsteps of Harry Potter and much more. My second language is Spanish which I can speak well enough to get by. Knowing Spanish has made me friends for a lifetime and made my time in Spain much easier. I'm hoping to do a lanugage immersion so I can become fluent. My empahsis for my major is global markets and with Spanish I am looking to focus on Latin America. One day I hope to also master Portuguese.

After college, I am hoping to work in the event planning industry in particular music festivals. Being the president of the Campus Concert Committee at school has brought out my passion for events and music. In particular the marketing and implementation are my favorite stages which I currently do at my internship with the Dayton Preforming Arts Alliance.

  • Work
    • Intern at the Dayton Preforming Arts Alliance
  • Education
    • University of Dayton
    • Marketing & International Business