Loretta McCarthy

Pasadena, Texas

I am a woman, a teacher, a young heart, an inquisitive brain, a best friend, a saleswoman, a responsible pet owner, a driver, a vacation traveler, a reader, a writer, a computer specialist, a workshop junky. I am someone who changes, adapts, laughs, and moves forward. I was a young girl who fell in love with education, and dedicated myself to it. (Texas public school teacher, 1976-2009/TAHGrant recipent 2008-2013 Pasadena ISD); Adjunct Professor, San Jacinto College, 2010-present). Our coffee is all about Aroma, Body, and Taste. It leaves no bitter after taste on your palate. At Beneficio Santa Rosa, we take pride in knowing that the coffee you receive everyday is blended and roasted using the standards of the Specialty Gourmet Coffee Association of Costa Rica. The price we pay for each basket of berries picked exceeds those imposed by Fair Trade standards. The practice at our plantation is simple, "return that which belongs to the earth" Regional Sales Manager AA Costa Rican Gourmet Coffee/Mi Mundo Imports

  • Work
    • The Golden Mile
  • Education
    • Firestone Senior High School
    • University of Akron
    • University of Akron, Akron, OH
    • Fundación Universidad de las Américas, Puebla
    • Fundación José Ortega y Gasset - Gregorio Marañón