New york

MC C.B. started writing music to the blips and blops of his trusty Sega Master system.

He started writing poetry before he could properly write essays.

Growing up without a father or a much family he found his role models in the icons he would watch. Bret Hart taught him to never give up, Ryu taught him a the will to learn is beyond important, Tupac and Nas showed him that people can have multiple messages and still be constant, And Eminem showed him that no matter who you are or what art you create chances are someone will disagree with it. Music helped guide him through the darkest moments of his life, and creating it has helped his find his path and give him purpose.

Creating music is creating memories, Its grabbing a moment in time and being able to revisit that very same moment time and time again. Its audible freedom. His music may remind of you of something, it may be a breath of fresh air. Join him as he brings forth the sound his fans have dubbed, Raw.Unflinching.Soul

Join him as we attempt to change the world.

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