Edward (Ted) Mccormick

Hobbyist, Software Engineer, and Small Business Owner in New Jersey

I go by Ted. People have asked how do you get 'Ted' from 'Edward'?

Well, I don't know.

It worked for Ted Kennedy though.

I carry dual citizenship between the USA and Canada. I have resided in many places.

I am an Software Engineer who cut his teeth in the 90's dotcom era. I was employed by an up and coming e-commerce company in Kansas called NetSales. I was employee No.15 and I was privileged to be apart of it. Our lunch hours were devoted to a multiplayer shoot'em game often hosted by our CEO. These were good meetings.

Short Story...

On a particular day our CFO quit. Why? There was not enough money to pay the employees let alone his salary. The CEO's parents mortgaged their house to carry payroll and expenses for another month or two. That's when it happened. A venture capitalist invested millions and our small e-commerce company grew rapidly to 300+ employees. And with growth came new technologies. That is were I thrived. Since this time I have been employed by KCP&L (Kansas City utility), Midwest Consulting Group, Sprint (at their HQ in Overland Park KS, Tyson Foods, & IBP. That's eCommerce, Public Utility, Telecom, and Farming technology.

I am a musician, I read, I like gardening and recently I have taken to the brewing of ale. I love the countryside and I equally love Times Square on Christmas eve with my family as is our tradition. I am at ease with the CEO and the clerk. I believe in Open Source and the exchange of ideas and skills. I am passionate about my interests & I get others passionate about these things.

I am a 'Discoverer' of things new, different, odd. I think - a lot, I believe that these nuances of mine propel myself and others around me forward.

I am looking to be a part of rewarding enterprise. One that I can say with pride "I work here, let me tell you about it."

-edward, ted, theodore, tedward, ed, teddy etc...