The Return of Wade McCurry

After a father’s brutal murder, his prodigal son returns to make amends only to find his sister desperate to escape and start anew. A classic western, The Return of Wade McCurry explores post-civil war era allegiances in the western frontier, divisions created by modern progress, and family rifts that struggle to resolve themselves in an unforgiving, lawless landscape.

Director Jared Moshé and Producers Jenny Chikes and Veronica Nickel have over 20 years of experience in the independent film industry. They have produced and directed award winning indie films that have played at all of the major film festivals, including Cannes, Sundance, Toronto, SXSW, Slamdance, and Locarno. Hit films include Silver Tongues, The Foot Fist Way, Kurt Cobain About a Son, and Nor'easter.

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