mcdonald Bush

McDonald Bush

McDonald Bush (born june 15 , 1964) Is A Professional American Marine Engineer,McDonald Bush has over eighteen years of progressive experience which spans across e-commerce, digital marketing, social media, international and general chemicals Supplier. For most of his career, McDonald Bush has been a part of trusted consumer brands such as Smuckers, Jif, Crisco, Dunkin Donuts, Millstone, Martha White and Uncrustables to name just a few.He started his career as a merchant marine engineer for a European shipping company, where he worked with professionals from a wide range of nationalities, languages and cultures while traveling extensively around the Wolrd.
McDonald Bush has a passion for developing strategies that drive business results and empower the organization for future success. He has a Center of Excellence philosophy with a curiosity for emerging trends and technology to drive innovation. Today, he primarily focuses on Supply of chemicals Products To Different Company In The World.


McDonald Bush born in Anchorage, Alaska. Mcdonald grew up in an Army family in California, and his father Leo A Bush. Sr. and brother Leo A albert. Bush Jr. were both Major Generals in the United States Army, . McDonald lost his wife [Agenes Bush] march 15 2008 in a Fire accident, Mcdonald is a single father of lovely son , honest caring and loving man.
He attended The University Of Akron Dmetmarine Engineering Research Institute and then Jesuit High School California, and graduated with master degree. He attended the NOtional Soceity of U.S Marine Engineering Academy where He Rose To The Rank Of Chief Engineer, The Highest Position He was A Basketball player And He Decided To Follow His Brother To West Point To Study To Become Salior. At West Point, An appointment That Brought much public visibility At An early age in life

McDonald Bush 's Call For Retirment.

McDonald Bush Having served The Marine Company For Years Now, Mcdonald Call For Retirment, But The UN Commander Appeal To Grant Him Retirement As Soon The Delivery Contract Between The Company And The Motorbase Company Of India Is Finished, The company Has Agree To Reward Him Handsomely For A Faithful Service Render During The Years...

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