Keegan Spindler


Woah. Why on earth are you on this page? I'm not interesting, but I am now rather flattered.

You don't want to know that though. You want to know who I am and what I do. Which is writing. Mostly about videogames.

I write for the amazing people at GamingLives primarily, but I've also done a bit of contributing at Beefjack and Xboxer360, as well as a stint of editing the gaming section of Platform Magazine.

I've also been known to talk on the internet, and for some reason the Life's a Game podcast keeps inviting me back. I'm a founding member of the newly formed Mashcast as well, because I figured the internet didn't have enough of my voice. Watch out world. Soon there'll be nowhere to hide.

  • Work
    • Student
  • Education
    • Print Journalism at Nottingham Trent University